John Roberts v. ObamaCare: An Apologia

Conservatives complain, often justifiably, that stupid Republicans are all too quick to throw their own under the bus when turmoil arises, while leftist Democrats stick up for their henchmen through any and all fraud and deceit.  But look how many conservatives have been eager to give Chief Justice John Roberts a poke in the eye with a sharp stick following the ObamaCare decision — not just criticisms, but outright ad hominem attacks, even hinting that Roberts has been a closet leftist all along.

By noon Thursday, literally minutes after the decision was announced, Rush Limbaugh was in full fulmination mode: “[W]e, the American people, have just been deceived in ways that nobody contemplated.”  (Click here to read this entire article.)


2 thoughts on “John Roberts v. ObamaCare: An Apologia

  1. Mr. Jacobson, in reference to your AT article July 5. My wife and I found it worthy of a second reading. I then posted a comment on it, being the first, I’m sure, to find it had merit. You and Justice Roberts are labeled all manner of things. What is it about our side that not only throws contrary opinions under the bus (?) but treats them like the liberals would? Thank you for writing this. Limbaugh, who I’ve followed for 23 years was disappointing, nay, infuriating. He did the very thing he hates when leftists do: Find supporting thought good even when it’s supposition, even suspect. I wish you the best. Enjoy your days out there. Sincerely, Arthur Thoms, Kennebunk, Maine

  2. Actually, Arthur, you were one of four thumbs-ups out of 183 comments at last count. If a few of the thumbs-downs were making serious attempts to engage in thoughtful counterargument I would be delighted. As it is, I am disheartened.

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