My Two Favorite Questions for Global Warmists


First of all, I am not a climatologist, a meteorologist, a chemist or physicist, a geologist, not a scientist of any kind.  As a matter of fact I have been a maker of expensive musical instruments for the past forty years.  So if you’re looking to hear from an “expert,” stop here; don’t bother reading on.

On the other hand, if you’re a reasonably intelligent citizen and, like me, an inveterate skeptic, you should find the following argument unusual, perhaps even unique.  You will need nothing more intellectually sophisticated than minimal data, provided by me, simple logic and even simpler arithmetic.  So, let’s get started. More

What Government Shutdown?

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How easy it is for the Democrat left to fool Republicans, even some conservatives, by foisting their word choices on everybody.  A better example would be hard to find than the term “government shutdown” being applied to the state of affairs predicted in the wake of an impasse on the upcoming continuing resolution.

The term “government shutdown” conjures up a vision of a Federal government in its entirety falling into a black hole for who knows how long.  Oh, what a cataclysm!   The nation, the world will collapse into total meltdown!  Oh! Oh! Oh! More

After Zimmerman: Lessons for a Citizen Carrier


Synopsis: Gun ownership is a Constitutional right — but heavy responsibilities go with it.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012, I took to these pages to chide the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre gently for his proposal to install an armed policeman in every school.  Instead I suggested it would be more effective to permit armed teachers and school personnel, carefully screened and trained, to fulfill this role.   The article outlined three principles to optimize the deterrent value of a societal gun presence: pervasiveness, anonymity and publicity.

The article also pointed out (hat-tip John Lott) that all citizens, not just those who are armed, benefit from the crime deterrence created by law-abiding gun owners.  This got me thinking about my own status.  There I was, benefiting from all my gun-owning neighbors who helped create the safe neighborhood where I’m fortunate to reside. More

On the Mythologizing of Christopher Dorner…Say What?!

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As one who has delivered some harsh — one might say blistering — condemnation against New York Times columnist Charles Blow, today I feel compelled to proffer unqualified commendation of his recent column on the California cop killer.  In the interest of consistent truthfulness, sometimes it’s necessary to admit that someone normally considered an adversary — even an enemy — has gotten it right…even while my jaw is dropping. More

Wayne LaPierre: Close but Not Quite


Synopsis: The NRA president’s solution to school massacres won’t work, but for a reason that will make gun control advocates apoplectic — namely, it doesn’t go far enough.

As an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment for many years, I was looking forward to hearing from NRA president Wayne LaPierre about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.  He had the good sense to wait for a decent while before speaking and thereby convey some evidence of actually thinking about this horrifying event, unlike the lockstep, ignorant leftists who began promulgating grand gun-ban wisdom within minutes afterward. More

The Obamacare Mandate is NOT a tax

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By now anyone who is not residing in an unelectrified cabin in the mountains of Montana knows about the firestorm of controversy created by the June 30, 2012 SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare.  What is less obvious is the confusion the ruling has left in its wake.  Much of this confusion has to do with indiscriminate labels bouncing off the walls of public discourse.

Here’s a shortlist of quotes from media sources that highlight the mandate/tax confusion:  (Click here to read this entire article.)

John Roberts v. ObamaCare: An Apologia


Conservatives complain, often justifiably, that stupid Republicans are all too quick to throw their own under the bus when turmoil arises, while leftist Democrats stick up for their henchmen through any and all fraud and deceit.  But look how many conservatives have been eager to give Chief Justice John Roberts a poke in the eye with a sharp stick following the ObamaCare decision — not just criticisms, but outright ad hominem attacks, even hinting that Roberts has been a closet leftist all along.

By noon Thursday, literally minutes after the decision was announced, Rush Limbaugh was in full fulmination mode: “[W]e, the American people, have just been deceived in ways that nobody contemplated.”  (Click here to read this entire article.)

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